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A text block, also know as a book block, are the pages that make up the text of a book.  Basicly it is the pages of the book without the cover and final binding.

A tip in (or tip on or tip up) is a single sheet that is incorporated into a book by gluing it in place, usually to the back edge of another page.  The most common use is in proofing to update a changed page without having to re-output the entire proof.

Trapping is ther overlapping of one color over a different adjacent color to ensure that no white space is visible where the two colors meet.  This overlap accounts for any slight color to color registration issues.  Generaly speaking the lighter color trapps into the darker color.

Trim marks are small marks placed outside the final printed area to mark where the sheet shoudl be cut.  These are generaly placed at least 1/8" from the edge of the finished size.

Trim size is the final size of a printed piece after it is cut from the sheet of paper it was printed on.

A typo is a spelling mistake or typsetting error.  If you see a typo on this website please contact us and tell us about it.