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Text blocks, also know as book blocks, are the pages that make up the contents of a book without the cover or final binding.

A Tip In is a printed sheet inserted into a book by gluing or stapling it to the  back edge if an existing page. This is most commonly used in the proofing process. A reprinted page with corrections will be added on top of the original version so that the entire proof does not need to be reconstructed.

Trapping is the overlapping of one color over an adjacent color to ensure no white space is visible between them. This overlap accounts for any slight registration errors. The darker color typically "traps" the lighter color.

Trim marks are small lines placed outside the final printed area as a visual representation where the sheet should be cut. They are usually 1/8" from the edge of the finished size.

The trim size is the final measurements of a piece after it is cut from the sheet of paper on which it was printed.

A typo is a spelling mistake or typesetting error. If you see a typo on this website please contact us.

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