04 Apr

Batch Shipping Process

Print. Bind. Ship. It’s what we specialize in here at CPC. Read more about Batch Shipping Process

23 Mar

Creating a Catalog

While some modern consumers turn to online instead of flipping through catalogs hunting for the perfect product, others still prefer peru Read more about Creating a Catalog

17 Mar

Selecting a Paper

Picking a paper is the first step towards receiving a quote and seeing your design come to life. Read more about Selecting a Paper

10 Mar

Motivating Employees Through Print

Increasing employee motivation leads to better, more consistent work being completed on a day to day basis. Read more about Motivating Employees Through Print

25 Feb

How to Make a Business Card

Business cards are one of the easiest and most cost effective marketing tools to create. Read more about How to Make a Business Card

15 Feb

How to Make a Brochure

Thousands of brochures pass through our doors every month. Styles vary depending on purpose. Read more about How to Make a Brochure

04 Feb

Export Settings

When it is time to take that next step from design to print, there are some important settings that help the printer set up your work. Read more about Export Settings

25 Jan

Fun with Fonts

Fonts! They set the tone for your design and publication.

  Read more about Fun with Fonts

17 Jan

Updating Marketing: Where to Start

2021 was full of changes. If your business style was one of them, it is time to update your marketing. Read more about Updating Marketing: Where to Start

07 Jan