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Imposition is the method of arranging the pages of the book so that they are in the correct sequence when the sheet is printed and folded. It also refers to the layout of a project on a press sheet to maximize efficiency. 

Ink limit is a expressed as a percentage to show the maximum amount of ink used in a particular process.  In offset printing the limit is typically how much ink the paper is able to absorb (often 320%) and in digital printing it relates to the thickness of toner the fuser can effectively melt (often 260%). 

Each individual ink has a maximum of 100%.  The recommended rich black is C 40% + M 30% + Y 30% + K 100% for a total ink coverage of 200%.  

Every printable CMYK color can be achieved under the ink limits commonly in practice, however design tools such as InDesign and Illustrator do not enforce them.

An insert is an additional matter placed within a book or pamphlet without being permanently fixed. An example is a diagram in a pocket or a donation envelope in a booklet.

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