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A page is one side of a sheet of paper. A spread in a book has two facing pages. 

Pagination is proper order of books in a page starting from C1 (outside front cover) to C4 (outside back cover).


A PDF (portable document format) is a reliable file type for electronically sending documents. It preserves document integrity and layout so it can be viewed and printed on a variety of platforms. 

Perfect binding is the method of securing pages into a wrap-around book cover. It is also called adhesive binding and typically uses a hot-melt adhesive or glue. Most paperback books are examples of perfect binding.

Preflighting is the process used to check a print file for errors or issues before printing. This is usually an automated software task thatchecks for things like proper bleeds, low resolution images, missing fonts, etc.

Prepress refers to the preparation of digital files for printing before they go on the printing press. This comes after the design and page layout stage. Prepress planning is also necessary during those stages to ensure that files print properly.

A proof is an example of a finished printed product. 

Color Proof: a hard printed proof to show exact color matching

Construction Proof: a hard printed proof that is a replication of the product and shows proper pagination, in perfect bound books the cover is not attatched and the pages are loose

Soft Proof: a pdf version of the final file, used for evaluating content and pagination


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