17 Jan

Updating Marketing: Where to Start

2021 was full of changes. If your business style was one of them, it is time to update your marketing. Whether your goal is B2B or B2C marketing, matching your physical image to your online look is important for brand consistency and recognition.

It might seem like a daunting task but with three easy products it can turn the whole campaign around.


Business Cards

Business cards are a necessity for networking.

Let potential clients remember your name and contact information. Finding the card in their purse or pocket at the end of a day can be the reminder a potential client needs to go online and finally click “order” on that product they’ve been thinking about. By having your name written down or contact information, they can easily recommend you to a friend or message you a follow up.



Whether you decide to go with a simple tri-fold, a pocket folder with an insert, or upgrade from brochure to informational booklet- having something at the counter or by the door of your physical business location is a must.

Having a quick peek at information such as what your mission statement, what your services and prices are, and your story. Showcase your personality and keep people coming back.


Client Postcards

Customer retention is important. Send a postcard or letter to clients you missed last year or in the past six months that you would like to bring back.

By sending them something physical it shows you took interest in them beyond an automated email. Postcards can also showcase how your branding has adapted. Show off your new logo, revamped color scheme, or a photograph of your interior.


Ideas for Digital Inclusion

Include a QR code on your physical marketing to direct customers straight to your website.

List your social media tags at the bottom to gain followers.