Aqueous Coating

Offset Printing

For over 150 years offset printing has been one of the primary ways of getting ink onto paper.  There is a reason for this.  The quality and fidelity that can be achieved with offset printing is superb.  At Carter Printing we are experts with offset printing.  Even though the core technology is old, our presses have twentieth century capabilities.  Everything from automatic registration monitoring to digitally measuring the color curves of press sheets is possible on our presses. Read more about Offset Printing

Ohhh shiny!  There are a wide range of coatings that can be applied to your print project. UV Coating to add that extra sheen and durable protection, soft touch for that high end feel on your book cover, or foil stamping and embossing to really make your project stand out.  We have the ability in house to not only print your project with unparalleled quality but to finish it any way you want. Read more about Coating

6 Color 28" x 40" Mitsubishi 3F/13-6D w/Aqueous coater
Mitsubishi at Carter Printing


  • Semi-automatic plate loaders
  • Extended delivery
  • Accel Sentential Inking system
  • Delta dampening system
  • Closed-loop color Spectrophotometer
  • Baldwin blanket washers
  • Diamond Link III Control System w/CIP4 server.
6 Color 41" x 56" Mitsubishi Diamond 6000LS-14-6 with Aqueous coater
Mitsubishi Diamond 6000LS-14-6 at Carter Printing
  • Automatic plate loaders
  • Extended delivery
  • CORMAC console w/CIP4 server
  • Delta dampening system
  • Baldwin blanket washers
  • Accel Sentential inking system
  • Techkon closed-loop color Spectrophotometer