Roland TrueVIS VG2-640
Roland TrueVIS VG2-640
  • 64" Maximum width and nearly unlimited length.
  • Supports a wide range of media
  • 8 inks including white ink to reproduce a very wide color gamut and allow for printing on any color material.
  • Built in cutter allows for rapid production of decals, stickers, window graphics, labels, and any other die cut shape you can imagine.
Ricoh Pro C7210X
Ricoh Pro C7210X at Carter Printing
  • 13” x 27.5” Maximum Page Size
  • Up to 400 GSM paper stock (20Pt board)
  • Supports special substrates such as vinyl and magnet stock
  • 5th Color options of clear, white, invisible red, neon yellow, neon pink
Xante Impressia
Color Envelope Printing at Carter Printing
  • Full color envelope printing.
  • Variable data
  • Waterproof ink
  • Brand Color Matching
  • 9" x 12" and 10" x 13" full color envelopes
Fulfillment and Warehousing

Sometimes it is more economical to get a lot of an item printed and then use it up over time.  Other times it makes sense to print just what you need, since the content may change often.  If you print a lot you have to have a place to store it and a way to distribute it.  If you only print a little bit at a time you have to have a way to manage the order process.  This is where we can help with our fulfillment services.  We can warehouse your product, or print it as needed and ship them out as needed to the locations you specify. Read more about Fulfillment

Full Service Printing

We can print most anything.  If you need 100 copies of a brochure or 5 million bound books we have the knowledge and machinery to handle your order.  From beginning to end we pride ourselves in providing exceptional print quality that meets or exceeds your expectations.  We are not afraid of your brand colors or your turnaround requirements.  Our goal is to work with you early in the process to make your printing job as easy and seamless as possible. Read more about Printing

2-color 40” x 56" KBA Rapida 142 SW1 PWVA Perfector
  • KBA Colortronic console and monitor
  • Varidamp-Delta dampening system
  • Kersten Anti-static system for feeder
  • Baldwin Combo chillers
  • Weko AP 262 sprayer system
  • Fully automatic plate hanging systems
  • LogTronic operating system for CIP4
6 Color 28" x 40" Mitsubishi 3F/13-6D w/Aqueous coater
Mitsubishi at Carter Printing


  • Semi-automatic plate loaders
  • Extended delivery
  • Accel Sentential Inking system
  • Delta dampening system
  • Closed-loop color Spectrophotometer
  • Baldwin blanket washers
  • Diamond Link III Control System w/CIP4 server.
6 Color 41" x 56" Mitsubishi Diamond 6000LS-14-6 with Aqueous coater
Mitsubishi Diamond 6000LS-14-6 at Carter Printing
  • Automatic plate loaders
  • Extended delivery
  • CORMAC console w/CIP4 server
  • Delta dampening system
  • Baldwin blanket washers
  • Accel Sentential inking system
  • Techkon closed-loop color Spectrophotometer
Ricoh C9110 Carter Printing Digital Press
  • 13” x 27.5” Maximum Page Size
  • Up to 400 GSM paper stock (20pt board)
  • Supports special substrates such as vinyl and magnet stock