Sanwa TRP-1060 SEII Auto Platen
  • Die cutting
  • Embossing
  • Scoring
  • Waste stripping
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 29.13" x 41.73"
  • Minimum Sheet Size: 12.99 x 15.75"

Ohhh shiny!  There are a wide range of coatings that can be applied to your print project. UV Coating to add that extra sheen and durable protection, soft touch for that high end feel on your book cover, or foil stamping and embossing to really make your project stand out.  We have the ability in house to not only print your project with unparalleled quality but to finish it any way you want. Read more about Coating

Die Cutting and Embossing

Die cutting allows your creativity to come out in 3D.  At its core die cutting is basically a giant cookie cutter for paper.  With our in house die cutting capabilities we can make anything from custom pocket folders to pop up marketing displays.  If you want something that stands out and is more than a rectangular sheet of paper then die cutting is the answer.  Please contact us for samples of our work and read more about die cutting hereRead more about Die Cutting