Corta PB01
  • 8 Heads
Used for: 
Osako Estar & Osako Tener Alpha
Full Bindery and Finishing

Do you want a custom pocket folder with a saddle stitched booklet in one pocket, a folded map in the other pocket and a peel off die cut magnet on the front; all fully assembled and ready to give to your customer?  Well if you do, then we can do that in our fully equipped in-house bindery.  Everything from simple folding to complex book binding with fold out pages or blow in inserts is possible.  If you have an idea talk to us and we will help you figure out how to produce it. Read more about Full Bindery

Spiel TPS – 480 Wire-o Binding Machine
Wire-O Binding at Carter Printing
  • Bind your books with sturdy lay flat wire binding.
  • This can also be known as double loop wire binding.

  Read more about Wire-O Binding System

Used for: 
Binding, Wire Binding
  • Coil binding for your books
Used for: 
Binding, Coil Binding
Paper Cutting and Trimming

Cutting and trimming is a key part of nearly every print job even if you never see it.  We have presses ranging from a sheet width of 13" all the way up to 56".  Depending on the quantity of your print job we will figure out on which press we can most economically run your job.  We then print multiple copies of the job on a larger sheet and cut them out into the finished size.  This allows us to more efficiently use paper and turn your job around faster while also being environmentally responsible.  Our digitally controlled knives allow us to trim your job quickly and accurately every time. Read more about Cutting/Trimming

Paper Folding

Folding is somewhat self-explanatory, however there may be more options available than you realize.  We have several different folders that we can configure to fold your printing project almost any way you want.  From simple tri folds on brochures to complex booklet signatures with fold out pages we have the equipment to handle your requirements. Although folding is a simple concept we have the tools to allow you to flex your creative muscles and have your designed print piece stand out. Read more about Folding

Wohlenberg “City e” 6000 Perfect Binding System
  • 16 pockets
  • Signature (form) Recognition System
  • Hot melt or PUR gluing
  • Minimum book size: 2.75” x 4.5”
  • Maximum book size: 12” x 12.188”
  • (flat bed trim size: 14.5 x 12.5”)
  • Maximum Thickness: 3/32” up to 2.25”