15 Oct

Why Printed Newsletters Work

There’s something joyous about finding a letter in the mailbox. There’s a moment of excitement when turning the key to see the small stack of envelopes and hoping for something other than bills and bank statements. That’s when you see it: the newsletter. Addressed to you in a soft envelope, the letter is ready to be opened and the contents eager to update you on one of your favorite companies.

If you have a business or nonprofit you want to advertise or request donations for: a physical mailer is the way to go.

Receiving a letter allows for a personalization that emails cannot match. A batch email can be sent directly to spam and the customer never even knew it existed. It takes one click to block an address or have the contact’s email be directly sent to spam. Mail exists in a sense that emails cannot. The recipient’s only option is to see the letter and feel it in their hand. It sets you apart from other businesses that just use emails by showing your customer that they are worth the time and investment of sending them something tangible.

Leaving it open on a counter or a table also gives an opportunity for others’ eyes to find it. Mindlessly picking up a paper can lead to curiosity and a Google search of your company or brand. By having that physical letter exist, clients you never knew about can find you. Everyone in the location it was sent can observe and appreciate it.

They also give easier readability. Many people now check their email on their phone which can distort desktop-made templates, resize images, and change text flow. Even in an age where almost everyone has a smartphone, it can be too small or just overall hard to read. Having something printed eliminates that possibility. You are controlling exactly what your audience sees. Your clients will see the effort you are putting into reaching out to them.

According to Forbes Magazine, reading a paper instead of online increases persuasiveness, attention span, and readability. It also increases memory retention. 

Here at Carter Printing Company, we can make your newsletter mailing even easier. We will print it, fold it, stuff envelopes, and if you provide us with an address list, we can even send it for you – entirely taking mailing stress off your shoulders. All you must do is design it and let us take care of the rest. Whether you’re mailing 25 or 200, we can make your vision come to life.