20 Oct

Happy Calendar Season

Happy autumn! Or, in printing, happy calendar season!


As the months in 2021 dwindle down to the new year, businesses start looking for holiday gifts and promotional product ideas. December might seem far away but one week for gathering a mailing list, three weeks for printing, and another week for assembling packages only provide a little wiggle room before the holidays arrive. What tool would help with scheduling along with fulfilling the role of a winter gift? A calendar.


Brochures, newsletters, and flyers are wonderful fast informational and advertising material. However, if a company wants something that will stick around all year- the calendar is there. Their whole purpose is to be looked at each day. Having a discreet logo or tagline allows for subtle brand awareness.  


Tear away each day, monthly wall hanging, and daily planners are just a few types of schedule organizers. A company can choose based on budget and purpose which option works best for them.


Stylizing a planner towards the client base of a business is extremely beneficial. If an audience includes a significant number of parents with school-aged children, putting important dates such as the first day of public school or fall break would keep them looking back at the calendar. A new age store could record the phases of the moon. A church listing large annual events would embed them in viewers' memories. A self-help company can leave space for daily reflections. The opportunities for creativity are endless.


This leads to a big question. Who is going to illustrate the images? A classic wall hanging calendar has 12 blank spaces ready to be filled with eye-catching colors and contrast.


This is an opportunity to reach out and work with local artists if a business does not have a creative team already on hand. Talking to local art groups and hosting a contest or contacting individual artists is another way to expand a customer base. Anyone with featured work will share it with their friends and family. As they present their publication it will further promote a positive light around the business and easy advertising is shared through word of mouth. People in their community could need just what the business offers.


Designing a calendar can seem like a challenge at first. However, after the first time, there will be a base template that can be used year after year with simple text changes.


If a company is ready to start the process of printing their designed calendar, contact Carter Printing Company for a quote and we will start working to bring it from screen to the walls of gift recipients.