29 Oct

The Foundation of the Future

Walking back into one of the press rooms, a gaping hole in the concrete ran along the back wall. 

The trench was initially constructed for a large 4 color Komori press. The machine straddled over the pit and allowed for operators to slide beneath it for maintenance and to pick up any sheets of paper that slipped during printing. As many machines do, the Komori eventually fell behind the times and could not keep up with newer presses. 

A new 44" offset press was specially made for Carter Printing Company. Printing in 5 colors and working as a perfector - able to ink both sides of a paper without having to be manually refed through the machine - the press fit wonderfully in the space. The delivery portion, where the paper comes out after being printed, was specifically made shorter than others. It allowed for a better access point into the pit. 

The press was sold this past spring.

It was no longer being run overnight like the other presses because of both its age and the pandemic labor shortage faced by all industries. The 44" press became almost a one-operator show by the end of its time here and when an opportunity was presented to sell, we bid it goodbye.

Today is a monumental day. 

An era has ended. The hole in the floor has disappeared.

First, it was filled with gravel. 

Next, holes were drilled into the concrete sides and metal rebar poles were put in place under mesh wire work to help hold the concrete stable once it is poured.

The area around the pit was sanded down to keep the floor level. 

Finally, the concrete poured in, hiding the once-great pit.  




This presents a foundation for what is to come.

In December new equipment will be placed overtop this now fresh cement. The current plan for the space is to set up a new Bosch skid turner. This machine takes the flat paper on the skid and rotates it to stand up. It also is equipped with air blasts to remove offset powder and other new tech features.