17 Aug

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a process using a machine to cut out multiple identical shapes. It turns hours of handwork with scissors or a knife into a faster and more precise system.  

Dies are metal objects with raised sharp areas for cutting, like a cookie cutter. A “die line” is an outline of where the material trims. If you request a product from Carter Printing Company, we will confirm this with you on your proof.

Originally the die cut was invented in the mid to late 1800s to help cobblers make shoes. Instead of having to individually cut each piece of leather, cobblers could mass produce shoe soles. It also allowed the standardization of shoe sizes and products. 

Today die cut products are all around us. You can make gift tags, business cards, letters, animals, puzzles, door hangers, and so many more creative ideas. Scoring, or creased, paper after a die cut allows for easily folded into boxes and cartons for custom packaging.

From thin and delicate to thick and blocky, many paper types can be cut. Kiss cutting is a type of die cut that allows for cutting just one layer of laminate, providing the ability to pull stickers and labels from a sheet. Punching windows, or holes, in the middle of a product can also give a unique texture or style. An example of this is an envelope with a clear laminate section that allows visibility to see an address printed on the inside paperwork.

Teachers, crafters, businesses, and many other people utilize Carter Printing Company’s ability to make die cut prints and products.

die cut flower box layoutfolded die cut flower box