07 May
Carter Printing hosts CreateAthon at VCU

Another Successful year of CreateAthon @VCU

This month we’d like to highlight our involvement in CreateAthon @VCU. This is such an amazing program for local students and non profits and we’re excited to be involved for the third straight year!

As the spring semester comes to a close we have to say goodbye to the 2013 CreateAthon class. But this means that 11 very deserving Richmond non-profits will be saying hello to their new brand identity. In this year’s event (held back in March) students worked to create multiple pieces for local non profits who needed a little help getting their message across. Students designed everything from a new logo to entire websites, and just about everything in between. Carter Printing has partnered with the program for the past three years and after the event it was our turn to bring those printed deliverables to life.