25 Jan

How do I use Carter Remote?

Carter Remote is a web based softproofing portal.  Using this portal you can view your print project and approve or deny parts of the job.  You can also make annotations on areas that need to be corrected.

Click here to download a PDF with directions.

Remote Page Numbering Schema

Sample below of a typical customer provided page list. In this example C2 is an ad page and there are no folio’s (page numbers) indicated in the page files. Page numbers are in a staggered sequence due to C1 + C4 not being counted as a page.

client provided page list

From the ad list the Carter Remote proofing system translates and sequences each page including the outside and inside cover pages into numerical order beginning with #1. Page #1 will be the front outside cover. C2, from the list above becomes page #2. The last page will be the back outside cover. 

remote page numbering

Shown below is an example of the InDesign program which mimics the Carter Remote proofing program for page number sequencing.


InDesign page numbering

Shown below is an example of how the customer provided ad list would look in the revised method of page number sequencing. In the example, C1 is page #1 and C4 is the last page and indicated as page #100. 

new client provided page listing