Sheetfed Press 2nd Operator

The Press 2nd Operator role is to assist the Lead Press Operator with all aspects of quality management press production and maintenance. The press 2nd Operator is responsible for managing all raw materials to the press required for production.


  • Manage, stage and supply a constant flow of raw material needed for press operations - paper, inks, printing plates for multiple shift operation.
  • Set up, maintain, and trouble shoot press feeder system.
  • Assist Lead Press Operator with completing all make ready tasks as assigned.
  • Assist Lead Press Operator with press approval and quality control of production run.
  • Complete press maintenance tasks as assigned. • Maintain work area cleanliness to company standard.
  • Communicate with the following shift issues and concerns regarding feeder operation and raw material i.e.: paper, ink, etc.

Required Skills

  • Ability to follow instructions to operate press operation equipment safely.
  • Ability to read and follow job specifications under the direction of the Lead Press Operator and Management.
  • Ability to operate hand carts, pallet jacks and general material handling equipment.
  • Capability to physically lift loads of 25-35lbs, maneuver proficiently up and down stairs.
  • Capability to complete basic arithmetic computations and measurements, using a tape measure, ruler, paper caliper gauge and calculator.
  • Ability to problem solve, open-mind to learn new tasks, be self motivated to perform.
  • Participate and work in other manufacturing departments as needed.
  • Thinking, problem solving, communication skills, ability to demonstrate learning behaviors.