Plant Manager

This position oversees all plant operations.

Job Description

  • -Direct supervision of all managers
  • -Meet daily with each manager throughout the day. Discuss issues of the moment and resolve them
  • -Handle any personnel issues when they occur, usually working with the manager of that department in question
  • -Oversee all hiring, promotions, and terminations
  • -Meet with manager(s) to establish personnel needs
  • -Review applicants for hire, sometimes doing 2nd interviews before hiring
  • -Review all employee performances via firsthand knowledge or manager supplied reviews
  • -Research all capital investments requirements
  • -Authorize most capital expenditures
  • -Authorize purchasing and sign off on purchase orders
  • -Negotiate all contracts pertaining to consumables, equipment, and services
  • -Meet with vendors and manufacturers
  • -Research the best solutions that fit the company’s requirements
  • -Establish, negotiate, and follow-up on all exterior leases, as needed
  • -Create and implement company procedures and policies including assisting others working the same needs
  • -Determine best solutions
  • -Monitor procedures and policies for performance, quality, and sustainability
  • -Ensure all staff are properly trained in the tasks assigned
  • -Awareness of all the tough points throughout our production process
  • -Understanding the benefits our equipment has to offer and what each equipment can produce
  • -Knowing what we can produce and the time frames for doing each
  • -Visit each of the shifts, mostly each day
  • -Inspect work as it is being produced and postproduction
  • -Assist Production Manager with schedules and workflow issues daily
  • -Meet daily, with manager(s) to assure best production possible while meeting the demands of a client’s delivery dates
  • -Adjust schedule(s) to match needs for all departments
  • -Oversee the safety and well being of all company personnel while in the plant
  • -Make certain the physical working environment is safe and clean
  • -Meet with company safety coordinator to ensure OSHA, VOSHA, EPA, and other safety-related concerns are properly addressed and kept up to date
  • -Administer outside storage needs (warehousing) along with shipping manager
  • -Meet with any employee to resolve production, personnel, and personal issues that need to be addressed
  • -Work with Sales staff and CSRs daily basis with issues that may arise
  • -Manage and provide various small functions like; employee birthday acknowledgments, workers payroll time approvals, meetings...
  • -Promote the capabilities of all equipment and software programs throughout the company
  • -When department managers are on vacation or out sick, Plant Manager will do best to “fill in” while managers are out

Job Type:



From $95,000.00 per year


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday

COVID-19 considerations:
Masks are required unless fully vaccinated.*